Side Effects of Net Flix binge watching

Possible Spoiler Alert:

You know you’ve been binge watching too many legal dramas when you notice that the scheming partner from Suits







shows up as a untrustworthy cop in Damages.







And… an opportunist CIA operative from Damages








is also a strung out client in The Good Wife








Then…. when the Red-neck boyfriend of the partner in The Good Wife








shows up as a DA in Suits….









I think it’s time to check out another genre. 

How many connections can you find between these three shows?

Coming soon….

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Put in my place – part 2

Another thing I like to contemplate from time to time is the human eyeball. My eyes don’t often hurt so I’m not thinking about dread eye diseases…… yet. But I find it fascinating how complex and complicated an eyeball is. It’s a small part of our body yet look how cool it looks close up. It’s like a tiny world all of it’s own.  And, what is even more fascinating,  to me,

EYE2how it works. Absolutely amazing how all the parts of the eye are so intricate and complex. And to think that, at one time, in it’s life, this was part of a single cell. All the code for this incredibly detailed network was present in that first cell that got impregnated in the womb.


Miraculous. And all of this came about without any input from me.

We do live in quite an amazing world, I think. When you take a few moments to stop and pay attention.




Getting put in my place

GalaxyMaybe you’re a better person than me, but there are times I start to think I’m more important than I am. I get fussed when my husband doesn’t pay as much attention to me as I like. I sometimes feel like my work should be more widely recognized. That headache that I’m feeling could be a tumour and when my friends roll their eyes I feel like they don’t understand. The usual whiny-spend-too-much-time-alone stuff that writers tend to go through. It’s during these moments that a picture like this puts things into perspective. This is a picture of the portion of the sky that can be covered by a bean held at arm’s length. All those spots? Not stars. No. Those are all galaxies. Like ours. And that’s only a tiny part of the entire sky. I have a hard enough time imagining how big our country is, let alone the world, solar system, galaxy etc. I’m such an insignificant speck in all of this …… space….. that suddenly the headache either becomes bigger at the thought, or disappears at the reality.

So whenever you think you’re bigger than you are – Step outside with me and I’ll show you just how big you are!!!