Settling in

We’ve had snow on the ground for a couple of months now and the settling in time has begun. I always feel, however, that this doesn’t truly happen until after Christmas. Before Christmas I have a sense of deadlines approaching. Getting cards made and sent. Planning Christmas menus. Shopping for presents. Gathering all the detritus that belongs to what I consider a proper festively decorated house. And in the midst of all of that, trying not to let myself get so busy that I can’t reflect on what Christmas means for me. Salvation. A surety that this world means something. That there is a purpose and a reason and a season to the things that happen in my life. But for now, I feel like part of me is waiting, leaning in toward the season, breathless, anticipation of so many things swirling through me. I pray for a blessed season for all of you. May you find moments of peace even if this Christmas can’t bear the weight of the usual expectations of the season.Christmas tree

How to keep writing


Resistance. It’s all part of the writing life.

I write in a genre that requires a fairly steady output. And the reality is there are days I don’t feel like it. Outputting. But I don’t have much choice if I want to keep my family in food and clothes and buy all the stuff I want for my grandkids.

I thought I would share with you some of the things that keep me going.

Whenever I start, I face this annoying resistance. This ‘Don’t Want To’ that rises up from the mist and follows me through my day. But what I have noticed is that this resistance seems to be imbedded into my psyche. I have it when I stare at a pile of laundry or a dishwasher that needs emptying or a house that needs cleaning. I’d sooner do anything than the job ahead of me. You’d think after decades of doing this I shouldn’t be fighting it. But I do. However the job is not going away and eventually it gets done. I have found my best tool is simply  acknowledging the resistance as part of my life. Yes. It’s there. As always. It’s not going away but neither is the job. So may as well just do the job in front of you.

Then once my hands start folding, emptying, moving, I fall into the rhythm and soon the job is done. I have found the same needs to apply to writing. Acknowledge the pernicious “Don’t Want To,”  then just start and sooner or later the discipline kicks in and I just keep going. I live by Nora Roberts sage advice – “You can’t edit an empty page.” So I just write and figure I’ll make it better after it’s written. Just get it down. Release and keep going. The job is not going away, may as well do it now.

What do you do about resistance? Or are you one of the blessed few who sits down at their computer every day with joy and anticipation?

New book coming out

9780373879311I’ve got a new book coming out in January. It’s the first in a series of books that takes place in Montana about a family of three children, two natural one adopted. Their lives have been turned upside down and they each return to the ranch for their own reasons. Keira, the heroine of the first book, has found refuge at the ranch. That is until Tanner Fortier comes back into her life with a saddle he wants her to repair for him. With him comes the past and it’s painful secrets and she must decide what to do with them and with him.

I hope you have a chance to read this book and the other books in the Refuge Ranch series.

A new gadget

I finally bit the bullet and bought a new Kindle the other day.  My old one lost a fight between two grandchildren many years ago. It had a cover with a light that drew power off the Kindle. The contacts were twisted and it had been limping along for a number of years simply because I didn’t feel right in buying another one when the old one worked. Sort of. I had to wiggle it until the light went on and then barely touch it to turn the pages. I finally got some cash from a dear friend for my birthday, so I felt justified in getting a Kindle Paperwhite. And a new cover because this Kindle has it’s own built in light. I love it. It’s light, smaller but it lights up perfectly at night, the perfect time for reading a Kindle book, all curled up in bed, on my side. I especially love the cover on this one because it looks like an antique book.


Don’t ask me why I feel like I need to buy an electronic e-reader and make it mimic the books it is replacing. Reverse Anachronism maybe. I don’t think it’s catching. I still like to read actual books, however. Can’t replace the feel and heft of a book in your hand and be able to flip quickly back and forth between pages. But because I have a day-time reading book, sitting in the living-room reading book and a night-time reading book, the Kindle fits in perfectly. And, it’s a new gadget. My heart is happy.