It’s a moving experience

IMG_7332My husband and I have been doing a few reno’s on the house. One very small one will be happening in my office in a week. I will be getting a new desk. In the abstract it seemed like a great idea. The new desk has been part of my office for some time already. I used it as my ‘thinking’ desk. Or at least that was the idea. Instead it ended up getting piled up with all the stuff I didn’t know what to do with.  (Or purchases I didn’t want my husband to see. Yes. I keep secrets from my husband. One of the things that keeps our marriage strong.) But I know there’s a lot of wasted space in my office and I want to streamline it. So I campaigned to get my man to attach a keyboard rest to the already existing desk. Then I would get rid of the behemoth that is currently my desk which would give me  LOT of extra space. But now….I’m wondering about the logistics of moving from the desk above to the desk below.



Part of me lives in the faint hope that it will force me to be more tidy. More efficient. Once I make the move,though there will be no turning back. The behemoth is destined for the junk heap. The floor space it takes up is already spoken for. Once I make the move I’m committed. Time will tell.





How a pie is born

936650_10152204792256962_6865512953849091693_nOnce upon a time my husband volunteered to babysit some young boys. I was in the middle of a tight, tight deadline with no wiggle room. I told him he had volunteered, he had to take care of them. So he went out berry picking. Unfortunately this did not take as much time as he hoped, so when he came home with the berries, he decided that he would make a pie. I shouted out a few directions from my office as he worked but mostly he and the boys managed on their own. Ever since that, my husband has been the pie maker in the house.

The other day we went out picking Saskatoon berries. There was an abundance of berries and we had a hard time stopping. It took only an hour and a half to harvest almost 5 gallons of berries.

And what to do with them?

Well, make pie with some of them of course. I cleaned and bagged and my husband mixed and rolled and filled and pinched.

He’s getting to be quite the Pie Pro and I’m happy with that.

Of course, once the pies were cooled we had to try it out. Quality control and all that.

This is the end result. Pie with a slice of ice cream from a carton.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

Blog tour

So, Cheryl McKay Price sent you here, via Renee Gutteridge and Andrea Nasfell of Mother’s Night Out, fame. Pretty heady company.

So, here’s the answers to the questions of the blog tour.

1. Who are you?

Wife of one, mother of four, mother-in-law of two, Nana of four, redeemed child of God who is still trying to figure out how to emulate her super-organized-immaculate-mother’s weekly routine of laundry, baking and menu-making. I should really set attainable goals.

2. What are you working on?

Other than this blog post? Actually, right now I’m at the fun stage of plotting out three new stores for Love Inspired about three sisters who reluctantly spent their summers at their widowed father’s ranch in Montana, their school years with their grandmother in Tennessee. When their father dies, he leaves the ranch to the girls but with the stipulation that they each spend six months at the ranch before deciding what to do. I enjoy this part of the writing because I can go in any direction yet.

3. How does your work differ from others of it’s genre?

I don’t know if it’s so much different. The genre I write in is pretty specific, but I like to think I put my own spin on the stories and the characters. I like melancholy music and stories that capture my emotions, so I tend to write somewhat darker stories. I’m usually a fairly happy person, so I think this is my way of compensating for my optimism.

4. Why do you write what you do?

Writing inspirational romance has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I started writing it because I loved romance. Then I tried some more mainstream women’s fiction type books but kept wanting to make it about the romance, so I went back to Love Inspired. Now I keep writing in this genre because I like to think I’m finally, after 47 books, getting the hang of this job!

5. How does your writing process work?

I start with noodling. This usually happens while I’m working on other projects. I keep things in the back of my mind. Snippets of conversation characters might have, things they are afraid of, things that make them angry, their jobs, what they look like. All this floats around in the overcrowded attic of my brain, trying to find their own box, so to speak. Once I get them sorted out I’m usually at the end of my latest project. Then it’s time to pen and paper it. I take a large roll of paper, tape a long piece down on my dining room table, make a web for each of the characters. Fears, wounds, likes, dislikes comparing them to each other. Then I come up with a hero that will challenge and complement them. Then I start working on the situations that this will happen in. I use a lot of Michael Hague’s stuff, a lot of Blake Snyder, a sprinkling of Chris Vogler, elements of David Freeman, a heaping of Dara Marks, a soupçon of James Scott Bell……sometimes more of one than of another. Each story presents it’s own challenges. I come up with who my character would look like and then I open up Scrivener – make a main folder for each book and I am off……to go visit some obscure website that has nothing to do with my writing because, to be honest, I don’t like writing all that much! Well, actually, I like it and I don’t like it. It’s hard work and frustrating to try to grab ideas that seemed so well-thought out, only to have them fall apart as soon as I work with them. But I plug on because, as I’m writing these books, other characters and ideas are floating through my head…..

So that’s me. Hop on over to Marcia Laycock’s site to find out more about her.

Or  Love Inspired Suspense writer Mary Alford -

And here’s the link to Marcia Laycock’s page!


New book out

I’ve got a new book out next month and a reissue of two older books out now. I’m sitting here at my computer trying to think of something profound to say about each book. How I was inspired to write it. The joy in the journey and all that, but I’ve got sandy towels to wash from our holiday at the lake yet, laundry to fold and some television shows to catch up on. (hurray for Netflix). So nothing earth- shattering. Just some pretty pictures of covers of books.97803736064749780373879076