New book out

I’ve got a new book out this month and a reissue of two older books out now. I’m sitting here at my computer trying to think of something profound to say about each book. How I was inspired to write it. The joy in the journey and all that, but I’ve got sandy towels to wash from our holiday at the lake yet, laundry to fold and some television shows to catch up on. (hurray for Netflix). So nothing earth- shattering. Just some pretty pictures of covers of books.97803736064749780373879076


My mother and I went on a trip down to see her newest great grandchild. It’s a bit of a hike for her so I offered to bring her when I had the opportunity. We had a lovely visit with the family and the kids. Sunday morning we went to church and afterward decided to stop for brunch. We had a lovely chat about our wonderful experiences over the weekend. We talked about our children, our love for them and our concerns. It was a blessed visit. Then, as we were ready to settle our bill we were told that someone paid our bill for us. We were stunned. I’ve heard of Pay it Forward, but never experienced it. The bill wasn’t huge, but that was immaterial. It was the thought that a complete stranger would pay our bill. I looked around the restaurant, thinking that somewhere was someone I knew, but I didn’t see anyone familiar. My mother and I looked at each other and smiled, surprised and blessed by this kind act.

It’s a wonderful thing to be on the receiving end of generosity. And somehow, even more when the generosity is anonymous. It is simply a gift. Grace. We can’t thank the person, we can’t feel a sense of obligation – which is sometimes what a gift can do – we can only receive.

And we did. Very thankfully.brunch

starting new

At the beginning of a new book. Every journey begins with one step and in this case the journey sometimes gets bogged down in Chapter One.


So what is it….really?

Winter? Spring? I’m getting so confused.

One day we have this……..                         and barely a day later, this…….













Not going to lie, Global Warming is a tough sell up here this spring.

Thankfully the snow is all gone and we are back to normal, or what I consider normal for April, no snow! But I’m not going to lie, I’m getting confused about the weather we’ve been getting lately. It’s as if winter can’t let go. Like an unwelcome guest it hangs around, chatting in the porch, with one more story it wants to share. But I’m getting bored with it all. I’m ready for some new people at my party. Flowers, green leaves and sunshine.

I’ll keep you posted.