Carolyne Aarsen – Coming Home to Family and Faith

New book in Love in Millars Crossing Series

A Family's Promise

Will he ever be able to give her the life she wants?

 Can she stop feeling guilty about loving him?

Cam returns to the family farm in Millars Crossing following his step-mother’s surgery. He hasn’t been back since his step-brother’s funeral. But he’s not staying long. He and his band are headed on a year-long world tour. It’s a great opportunity, but living on the road is no life for a married man. He knew that years ago when he and Dodie were engaged. All she ever wanted was to stay in Millars Crossing, live on the farm, grow her garden, spend time with her family. He couldn’t give her the life she wanted then and he can’t now.

Left behind and broken hearted Dodie rekindled her romance with Cam’s step-brother, Greg. But despite being happily married to him, Dodie has never forgotten Cam. She has never stopped loving him, no matter how guilty she felt about it. When Greg dies, she grieves the loss, but she still thinks of Cam. His return resurrects the old attraction.

As Cam spends time in Millar’s Crossing he and Dodie discover they still care for each other. But when Cam’s step-mother decides to sell the farm, old secrets come out that will change everything for him and Dodie. He can think of only one solution and it would require a great sacrifice.

But is their newfound love strong enough, or will their dreams end up shattered...again?


Finding Love in the Rockies

Four women, four romantic stories

Come back to Rockyview with the Bond family

Get to know the Tye family in Rockyview

Or you can visit Sweet Creek

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