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The Holmes Crossing Series

Holmes Crossing is a place you will want to visit and stay awhile. You'll get to meet interesting, intriguing and challenging characters. You'll visit a community where people care about each other, share recipes, problems and take care of each other's kids. Each of the heroines and heroes of the books above had a reason to be in Holmes Crossing and, even more important, find a reason to stay. I hope you will read the books and join them in their journey. Click on each cover to purchase.

The Sweet Creek Series

When you come to Sweet Creek the first thing you'll notice are the mountains cradling the town. You'll also notice how everybody kind of knows each other. Some may think this is a good thing, some don't like it too much. But you can know that in Sweet Creek someone will always have your back.  Whether it's family members or someone from the community.

Come Visit Sweet Creek and get to know the people there.

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The Family Ties Series

Having a place to go is home, having someone to love is family, having both is a blessing.

The Tye family is one born of choices and blood, forged by love and acceptance. Get to know this wonderful and blessed family who share joys and sorrows and deal with the hardships of life all within the bonds of a family that grew with each member who needed a place and a home.

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